Hello there 👋

Welcome to my home page.

I am an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore.

My interests are in all things computer science. Recently, I have been exploring:

  • 🎨 Theoretical computer science, particularly topics in computability and complexity theory.

  • 🐣 The theory, design, and implementation of programming languages.

  • 🐛 Techniques in static and dynamic analysis for detecting bugs in concurrent programs.

  • 🍄 Topics in algorithms and data structures.

I am highly interested in doing research. Currently, I am very fortunate to be working with the amazing Prof. Umang Mathur who is advising me on my Final Year Project (FYP).

You can also find me at the links below.

RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization)  [Draft]

February 26, 2023